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How do I pay with Moneybookers.com?

Moneybookers.com provides excellent methods for making payment. You will find several advantages to making payments through this gateway because you only need an email address to qualify. The payment is processed instantly.

You must first register on their website www.moneybookers.com.  Within minutes you will receive a confirmation by e-mail to verify the e-mail address from which you will manage your account. After that you can pay by either of two methods: 1) pay with your credit card directly, or 2) make a transfer through a verified account.

To use method 1 - you are required to have a cell phone supporting SMS. SMS is the text message service provided by your cell phone operator. Moneybookers.com sends a verification code to your cell phone to verify your credit card. Payment is sent instantly after you submit your credit card details. (Please, make sure your mobile phone supports SMS) Note, if you do not get this code shortly after placing an order, your payment will not be processed.  If this happens you can correct your cell phone number in your Moneybookers.com account profile. If you still have problems you need to contact Moneybookers.com Support Team directly, because we are not involved in credit card authorization.

To use method 2 - you must use a verified account to upload funds to your Moneybookers.com account, either via bank transfer, or by credit card. This procedure will require an additional step to verify your bank or credit card account. We need to warn you that we are not involved in the verification and authorization procedure carried out by Moneybookers.com. Feel free to contact contact Moneybookers.com Support Team directly in case you have any questions.

Customers residing in the EU may use the Wire Transfer payment option. For more information please refer to this article.