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I paid for my order but I haven't got my template.

The following are some probable reasons why the template did not reach you on time. They are:

Incorrect Email Address: If you typed in an incorrect email address by mistake when filling out the registration form the download could not be sent to you.

Temporary non-function of mail servers: If your mail server was temporarily down for some technical reason while we were trying to send you the download instructions they would never reach you.

Please contact with the Support Team promptly via:
Live Chat: www.template-help.com/chat
HelpDesk: www.template-help.com/tickets
Phone: 1-518-312-4147, 1-518-320-8715

We will take the appropriate measures to deliver the product to you whatever the circumstances.

If your order is under investigation then our Billing Officers are trying to ascertain the situation with your account.

We will inform you of the status of your order by e-mail from the billing department. You can provide us with your telephone number for our call:

Billing Chat: www.template-help.com/chat
Submit a Ticket: esupport.template-help.com
Phone: 1-518-312-4171, 1-518-320-8714