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Configure.php file permissions
Q:  How do I set the correct permission for configure.php files while installing an OsCommerce template?

A:  Please, do the following steps:
    • Rename the catalog/install folder or delete it.
    • Reset the permissions on catalog/includes/configure.php to 644 (if you are still getting the warning message at the top of the page after setting this configure.php files to 644 then set the catalog/includes/configure.php file to 444 which is read only - this happens on some servers that have been updated for security reasons).
    • Set the permissions on catalog/images directory to 777.
    • Set the permissions on admin/images/graphs directory to 777.
    • Create the directory admin/backups and set the permissions to 777 (this is the folder to store the database backup of your store in the "Tools" section of the store admin).

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