The Content

The content part of the first page always has a box of “Featured Products” that represents the list of products. The “Featured Products” box consists of the heading with a text of Featured Products and a listing. The listing can be of two types: by column and by string. Please, see the examples below:

1.    String type

The Heading
The Listing

2.    Column type

The Heading
The Listing

The product listing is divided into the boxes and each of them represents the info of one product only.

Each product box always has the name of the product, its image, price and the description (optional) and two buttons "view" and "add to cart" (with a different color).


The Footer can contain:

- the logos of the merchant systems

- the functional links

      Log In   |   My Account   |   Checkout

- the links to: Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use

- a text “Copyright © 2007 CRE Loaded Store” 

Please, see a footer sample below: