General Guideline for Gallery Usage

Building of the gallery page is based on the basic small picture size. Setting a big picture suitable height is carried out automatically. Width and height of a big picture are set only to make similarity of the gallery with design more precise. If you want to change gallery’s appearance, simply change the parameter preview position as you like it and then change the width or the height of the big picture until you have the required number of small picture columns.

Feel free to type long comments – the substrate under them will take the required size automatically.

If you are not satisfied with changed gallery sizes and want the gallery page to take its original form settings just press the button “ defaults” in the gallery options available in the /admin panel.

Note! After you uploaded your site to a server please check letter case in folders names with categories and their descriptions in this file: tfile_gallery.php, i.e. if a category is called &cat_1=BALOONS&, then uppercase letters should be used for a folder as well.

While uploading some FTP clients convert names of files and folders to lowercase letters. That's why we insist on checking letter case and manual renaming necessary files and folders if required. Otherwise this can lead to unexpected behavior and failures as for proper functioning of a gallery and an /admin panel.

Setting permissions:
tfile_gallery.php file, all the gallery folders and their sub-folders should be set to 755 CHMOD.

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