Changing images in Flash

In process of your web design template customization you will perhaps need to insert your company logo or images to the Flash animated header. Herein, you'll find a quick guide on how to do that.

Open your source "FLA" file in Macromedia Flash and press "F11" to launch symbols library. To perform search of a needed image symbol will be easier if you sort them “by kind” simply by pressing "kind" tab at the top of symbols list. You'll see that all bitmap symbols are grouped now at the top of the whole symbols library.

Bitmap Symbols in Library

Browse these symbols to find symbol your want to substitute. You can see symbols preview at the top of symbols library. When you have found necessary bitmap symbol double click the icon on the left of it as to see the symbol properties window.

Bitmap Properties

You'll see image preview and options there. Check the image size. It looks like 193 x 214 pixels at 32 bits per pixel. To make your image fit the original effects and animation the best way your image must be exactly the same size as in the original image.

You can resize or crop your image using Adobe Photoshop. Open your image in it using "File/Open..." from the top menu. To resize or crop choose "Image/Image Size..." or "Image/Canvas Size..." accordingly. Then save image using "File/Save As...", for using it in flash choose one of the following image formats: "JPEG", "GIF" or "PNG".

Press "Import" button on the left and browse to location of your image file.

At the bitmap symbols properties window you can change the image quality. Make it lower to reduce published file size.

Now you should publish your flash movie. Next chapter will provide you with detailed instructions and tips about it.