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Exporting images from flash
Q:  Are the source .png files supposed to be included somewhere in the download?   What I want to do is edit the .png files in another program, like Photoshop, and update the files in Flash.  Please, advice.

A:   We don't provide additional source files, except for the ones advertised advertised with your template on the website.  Those images can be easily extracted.  Please, do the following:
    • open an .fla source file in Flash Studio 8
    • press "ctrl+L" to access a flash library window
    • find the apppropriate bitmap symbol there and select it
    • create new flash document ( "File>New")
    • drag'n'drop the bitmap symbol to the new flash library
    • then drag'n'drop the chosen symbol from the new library window to the stage
    • go to "File>Export Image" and save the picture as a jpg or png file.  Do the same with the rest of the bitmap/graphics symbols.  It should work without problem.