Opening Your SWI file

The source files for SWiSHMax application have the ".SWI" extension. You can edit these files to change the text, images, and scripts in your SWF movie. These source files are located in the "/sources/swish" folder of your template package.

You can open the ".SWI" file for editing in two ways. When the SWiSHMax application is launched then the "Start up Menu" dialog window appears. To open your file you can choose the 3rd menu item: "Work with an existent movie". Browse to the location of your ".SWI" file and select it to open.

If you’ve disabled the start up menu you can open the file by selecting the "File/Open…" from the top menu. SWiSHMax application doesn’t allow you to work on multiple files, so the previously opened file will be closed.

Sometimes the SWiSHMax application can tell that some fonts have been changed when you’re opening the ".SWI" source file. This means that you don’t have all fonts installed on your machine. SWiSHMax will try to find the closest fonts to substitute for the missing ones. This may distort the original style of the text animation. So it’s better to install all the fonts provided in the template package before opening your ".SWI" file. See Working with fonts section for instructions.