Exporting the SWF file

When you've done the customization of the ".SWI" file, you'll need to update the changes to your SWiSH animated template. So you'll need to export the SWF file. To export the SWF file you can select the "File/Export/SWF" from the top menu or click the "CTRL+E" hotkey. Then select the destination folder to which you will export the new SWF file. To make the changes appear in your template you should export this file to the folder with the original SWF file. According to the SWiSH animated template package structure, the original SWF movies are located in the "/site_swish/flash" folder.

Before exporting your SWF movie you may need to change the export options. You can do this in the Export panel. This panel is accessible by clicking the "Panels/Export" in the top menu.