How to hide prices

Some stores may not want to show their prices, such as in the case of a wholesale supplier, or perhaps a seller wants the customer to call for pricing on certain items. The enclosed Demo Movie leads you through the steps necessary to turn off the price display in all pages and modules included in a standard installation. It is all done via CSS, so the only modifications needed to your PHP code is the addition of a CSS class in the various presentation sections. No changes are made to any SQL queries or business functions.

Here is the list of files you may need to modify. As always, it is highly recommended you make a backup of these files before making these changes. Jump to each instruction set by clicking on the list item below:

* stylesheet.css
* includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php
* shopping_cart.php
* product_info.php
* includes/boxes/specials.php
* includes/boxes/whats_new.php
* checkout_confirmation.php
* products_new.php
* product_reviews.php
* products_reviews_info.php
* product_reviews_write.php

See a video tutorial on how to manage this.