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Contact form in Dynamic Flash templates
Our Dynamic Flash Sites have a built-in contact form that lets you receive all contact messages at your e-mail address.  Note, that your hosting must support PHP or ASP for the contact form to function.

To set up your contact form you have to:
    • Find out if your webhosting is PHP or ASP based.  In your configuration file "xxxx_main.html" you must assign the appropriate value for "server_option" variable "php" or "asp".
    • Copy the ASP ("contact.asp") or PHP ("contact.asp") script to the server directory where the Flash files are stored.
    • In "xxxx_main.html" you must assign the value to the "recipient" variable - this is the recipient's e-mail.
By default, the contact form can be used to send short messages (up to the 1 kilobyte size, including headers) using the GET method.  To send long messages you have to utilize the POST method:
    • For PHP servers everywhere in your "contact.php" replace "GET" with "POST".  Replace "GET" with "POST" in your FLA file as well and recompile it.
    • For ASP servers make changes in the FLA file o¬≠nly.