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Trouble importing pictures in Dreamweaver

Q: I am having trouble importing my pictures in Dreamweaver; they seem to shift the table cells to where they do not look right. Also, some of the pictures have borders now, making it hard to match them with the content that I would like to insert.

A: If you want to replace a default image that came with the template with one of your own, please use Adobe Photoshop program.

Open your PSD file in Adobe Photoshop. To add a new image, first open your image file, then just drag and drop it to your template opened in Photoshop. After you make all the changes to your PSD file you must save the slices that have been modified. To save them press "CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + s" to call up save for the web window. Then select all the slices that you want to save (hold shift for multiply selection). Press save. Select "selected sliced" and "images only" in next dialog. Choose directory with your HTML files (not "/site_flash/images" but "/site_flash" for a flash animated version or "/site" for a static version) then save it. If you've done everything correctly you'll be asked to replace or not the old image files, choose replace.