Whole page PSD files editing

Q: The template I ordered did not include the original PSD files, only gifs and jpegs. I need to alter, for example, site_flash\images\o3.gif, but there is no PSD. The only PSD is the one of the whole page. Is that how you deliver them? And do they have to be sliced or something?

A: You don't need to edit all the "jpg" or "gif" files inside the folder Images. You need only edit "PSD" files for the whole page in Photoshop and then save the changes for the web to the HTML folder. PSD files are well-sliced and sited in the Sources folder. Open your PSD file in Adobe Photoshop. You can edit any text using text tool (hotkey "T"). To add a new image open image file and then just drag and drop it to your template opened in Photoshop. When you make all the changes to your "PSD" file then you have to save slices that have been modified. To do it press "CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + s" to save for web window. Then select all the slices that you want to save (hold shift for multiple selection). Then press save. Select "selected sliced" and "images only" in the next dialog. Choose the directory with your HTML files (not "/site/images" but "/site") then save it. If you have done everything correctly you will be asked to "replace" or not the old image files, choose "replace".