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Changing images in Adobe Photoshop

Important step in creating unique web site from our web design template is to insert your company logo and image content there. If you are starting new web project and don't have company logo yet you can purchase exclusive logo in our company.

First of all open your PSD source file in Adobe Photoshop. You can get info about that in Opening PSD file section.

Before inserting your own image in your web design template source you should remove or hide original image. Hide image if you don't sure about need of this image in the future, if you don't need it - just remove it. Anyway to do both of these operations you should locate layer containing it. The easiest way to do that - is to control click it, just click on this image holding "Ctrl" button. But if some transparent layers exist over this image layer you'll have some troubles with it. Top layer will be selected instead of your image layer.

Layers Panel


To check content of current selected layer do the following. Go to layers panel, choose "Window/Layers" if you cant see it for any reasons. Find out highlighted layer in layer list - this is the current selected layer. At the left of the layer name you can see "eye" icon. Click it some times to hide/unhide layer and see which image element disappears in whole picture. If this is image you want to remove - you are one the right way. If selection is wrong use alternative way to select layer with image you want to remove.

Right click with mouse on image. List of layers containing images under cursor will appear. Try to choose different layers from that list. Use procedure described above to make sure that you have selected right layer.


Right Click Image to See Layers List


All right now you have selected layer with image you want to remove. To hide it, click on "eye" icon at the left of layers name. If you want to remove it click trash can icon at the right bottom corner of layers list panel.

You can add your own image to PSD file in very simple way. Just drag and drop it from file browser to your Adobe Photoshop window. Or you can use "File/Open..." form the top menu. Your image will appear in separate window of Adobe Photoshop program. You can do prior modifications there. For example you can crop it using crop tool (hotkey "C") or make some color adjustments to make image fit templates color scheme selecting "Image/Adjustments/Colour Balance..." from the top menu.

Next step - is to move your image to your web design template PSD window. To do it select move tool from tools panel or use "V" hotkey. Then drag and drop image using that tool to your template window of Adobe Photoshop.

Now you can move that image to the right location using same tool. If image that you've just inserted overlapped by other images or text you should move it upper in layers list. Go to layers list panel and drag and drop this layer up until overlapping disappears. 

After you have done all images modifications you should update those changes to your web design template.